About me

Hi šŸ˜€ , my name is Abdelaziz Dabbabi and I like being called Azzouz or Azayez ( that's fromwhere azaytek comes: "azayez + technology") and here I am:

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Photo taken on Mars 20, 2021 - 16:30

I will reach the 31-YO mark by June 29, 2021. I was born, grew up, and live now in Monastir, the most beautiful, friendly and charming city in Tunisia:

A sunny day in Monastir, Tunisia
Monastir ā¤ļø

(By they way, you should definitely plan your trip there one day and don't ask me why.)
I'm a 6-years software engineer who works at Decade ( a well established french tech company who operates in both France and Tunisia, leading and helping the e-commerce journeys of its B2C/B2B clients ), a plumber for non-profit, a spare-time blogger around geeky, software related stuff and a web & data atomation freelancer. I'm at my productivity peak when you bring me a coffee and leave me alone ā˜•
I'm a big fan of FC Barcelona, and -as my fiancee says- wast at least 6 hours on a weekly basis to watch 22 men run behind a ball. I'm sorry Messi & Cristiano, that's what it is to her šŸ„ŗ
To keep this as short as possible, I will finish by saying that I'm here to share my personal journey in software engineering with the world and to be more specific my software automation journey. I'm open to all kind of feedback, queries & suggestions.

Want to reach out? Iā€™m all over the internet, shout out an e-mail at dabebi.abdelaziz@gmail.com, ping me on Facebook, Twitter or add me on LinkedIn šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹